Five types of food that keep your gums healthy

Five types of food that keep your gums healthy

Gums are the major pillars of the mouth. They maintain your teeth by keeping them secured, act as a shelter for the teeth’s supporting bone, and act as your primary daily defense against plaque and bacteria.

We are sometimes too preoccupied with ensuring that our teeth are properly taken care of that we often neglect the fact that our gums need care too. A stress-free way to ensure that your gums remain healthy is by watching what you eat. Check out the following list of high-nutrition foods that could help in maintaining your gum’s overall health.


Onions counterbalance mouth bacteria. This is why it is recommended that onions be part of your diet. Onions have specific microbacterial properties that aim to fight mouth bacteria that cause gum infection and cavities. To include onions in your meals, try using them as toppings for salad, burgers, sandwiches, side dishes, or even finger foods such as onion rings.

Leafy, green vegetables

It’s well known that leafy, green vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals. They contain the primary vitamin required to maintain healthy gums, Vitamin C. Ascorbic Acid, popularly known as Vitamin C, increases red blood cell production and decreases inflammation. Both of these actions fight against gum infection and other gum diseases. Leafy, green vegetables also need better chewing because they are fiber-enriched. More chewing will lead to healthier gums because it increases saliva production, which also helps in fighting oral bacteria. Increased saliva production also aids in flushing out food particles and plaque which may contribute to tartar build-up along your gumline.

Green Tea

Studies show that green tea is rich with antioxidants, which can largely help reduce systemic inflammation. Catechins are the antioxidants found in green tea, which assist in defending the body against inflammation triggered by certain kinds of mouth bacteria that cause gum disease. Try sipping on a cup of green tea every day to help boost your gum’s immunity against mouth infections.

Peppers and citrus fruits

Vegetables like peppers are also enriched with Vitamin C. Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, lemons and kiwis are filled with ascorbic acid, the vitamin that is needed by your gums to fight infection-causing bacteria.  Combine them in your diet by making them as desserts, salads, or maybe even mid-day snacks. When eating certain fruits that may stain your teeth, remember to always rinse your mouth afterwards.

Milk, yogurt and cheese

The common notion is that dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese are good for the teeth because of their high calcium content, which is great for strengthening alveolar (or tooth-supporting) bone. Surprisingly, dairy products are also good for the gums because they contain “casein”, a protein that helps counteract the acid content in the mouth caused by oral bacteria. High acid content, when left uncontrolled, can destroy the teeth’s enamel and can be harmful to gum tissue.