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No one can ever anticipate a dental emergency and how uncomfortable a throbbing toothache can be. Dental emergencies and toothaches always seem to happen at the most unexpected, inopportune times. Whether your pain and discomfort are be due to an injury to the oral facial area, the acute flare up of a longstanding problem, or the result of the sudden onset of seemingly inexplicable pain, ignoring the problem could lead to serious or even irreversible damage. Dental injuries, toothaches, as well as any other signs and symptoms of a problem affecting your oral health require urgent care from a skilled and experienced 33176 dentist. At the office of Dr. Jorge Abril, we are well equipped to handle your dental emergency and provide you with relief and to avoid any further complications to your oral health or function, as well as your overall well being. You can be sure that at our office your prompt care is our number one priority.

There are many reasons to seek emergency dental care, including severe toothaches, chipped or fractured teeth, a dental abscess, impacted teeth, loose or broken fillings, lost or dislodged crowns, broken dentures, and more. When you have a toothache, the pain can be quite severe and my also be accompanied by fever and swelling at the site of the tooth and gum. While the pain of a toothache is one of the more common reasons that patients see our 33176 dentist for emergency dental care, we also promptly treat emergencies that are not necessarily painful like crowns that have been dislodged and broken dentures that leave embarrassing gaps in one’s smile.

Of course, prevention in the first place is the best course, but even the most conscientious person can develop a toothache or another dental problem that requires prompt attention. Whether your dental emergency is painful, if it affects the appearance of your smile, or if you suspect that an infection is present, getting to a dentist right away insures the best outcome of care. Although you can’t foresee a dental emergency, having a plan in place and a dentist you can trust can make a big difference. As your 33176 dentist, we will prioritize your urgent condition and make every effort to treat your emergency as promptly as possible to ease your discomfort and restore your oral health.

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